Tour Name
Public Open
Public Close
Brick History @ Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery09/02/201817/04/2018
Edinburgh Science Festival - play hire31/03/201815/04/2018
Brick Built @ Forge Mill21/07/201802/09/2018
UX Scotland Event13/06/201815/06/2018
Brick City @ Rozelle House, Ayr20/01/201818/03/2018
Trondheim event27/04/201829/04/2018
Brick Wonders @ Arbroath Abbey (HES)28/04/201808/07/2018
Brick Wonders @ Aberdour Castle (HES)03/02/201822/04/2018
Brick Wonders @ Glasgow Cathedral (HES)14/07/201823/09/2018
Brick History @ Fort George (HES)12/10/201806/01/2019
Brick Wonders @ Stirling Castle (HES)29/09/201823/01/2019
Brick Dinos @ The Beacon Museum, Whitehaven09/06/201830/09/2018
Brick History and BIG Build @ Midland Railway26/05/201830/06/2018